Fundraising Grant

Employees or retirees who participate in events that require individual pledges to raise funds for charitable organizations are able to apply for a matching grant, up to a maximum of $500 (applicable currency). Despite the current low-price crude environment, Suncor remains committed to the SunCares employee grants program, including fundraising grants, as a key opportunity to continue to support employee community involvement. All eligible applications will continue to be honoured.

A minimum amount of $100 raised is required to access this grant. This grant supports activity-based fundraising events only that are organized by a charitable organization. An authorized pledge sheet or list of online pledges will be required to approve the grant request.

Examples include:

  • walk-a-thons
  • charity bike rides
  • marathons and triathlons

Grant guidelines:

  • You may apply for:
    • One grant per year, for one organization to a maximum of $500 (applicable currency), or
    • Multiple grants per year, for different organizations, to a maximum total amount of $500 (grants can be directed to one organization or to multiple organizations).
  • Contributions to any one organization will be capped at $10,000 (applicable currency) per year.
  • Fundraising events must be initiated and organized by the charitable organization. We will not match funds collected by employees to support an individual or family.
  • We will not approve fundraising grants until the event has taken place. Funds cannot be guaranteed to the organization until the application has been formally approved.

Eligible organizations include:

  • Federally registered charitable organizations that meet a community need (i.e., a Canadian registered charitable organization, an organization with 501 (c) (3) status in the United States, an organization that is registered with the charity commission of England and Wales or an equivalent international regulatory body).

The Fundraising Grant is not eligible for:

  • Your individual fundraising goal (for example, cannot be counted as a pledge)
  • Matching employee or retiree donations, or funds raised by the sale of products
  • Individuals, individual pursuits or research
  • Employee and retiree adult sports and recreational teams that are part of a regular league
  • Feasibility studies
  • Debt reduction campaigns
  • Political parties or candidates
  • Private schools
  • Goodwill advertising
  • Religious or cultural initiatives that are for the benefit of the membership or faith community only (for example, member of church board or program serving a single faith community)
  • Organizations focused on the advocacy of a particular religious, social, moral, political or economic point of view
  • Professional sports teams
  • Service clubs and fraternal organizations
  • Private clubs or organizations funded through membership fees
  • Ticket purchases for fundraising activities

What to expect in making an application:

  • After the application is received it will be reviewed
  • You may be asked for more information to clarify your role or request
  • If the grant request is approved, payment will be made by cheque or direct deposit, directly to the organization you are supporting
  • This process may take upwards of six weeks

For more information, please email