Oil Sands coker towers

Title: Oil Sands coker towers

At the Suncor oil sands plant, bitumen is heated and sent to drums where petroleum coke, the heavy bottom material, is removed.
Oil Sands, coker towers, bitumen, petroleum coke, Fort McMurray, Alberta
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Sarnia Refinery in Ontario

In Ontario, Suncor's wholly-owned subsidiary, Suncor Energy Products Inc., operates a 70,000 barrel per day capacity refinery.

Commerce City Refinery, Colorado

Suncor's refinery, located in Commerce City, near Denver, is the largest refining operation in the Rocky Mountain region with a capacity of 90,000 barrels per day.

Sarnia Refinery in Ontario, gas tanks

Suncor invested over $1 million to install fixed geodesic domed roofs on two floating gas tanks at the refinery. This modification reduces VOC emissions.

Sarnia Refinery in Ontario

Suncor's Sarnia refinery is designed and operated as a "fuels refinery", with approximately 94% of the products serving as a fuel source.

Oil Sands product tanks

Suncor product tanks store refinery-ready feedstock and diesel fuel that is shipped by pipeline to customers in commercial and industrial markets throughout North America.

Oil Sands open pit mining

Loading huge 240 to 380 tonne trucks using shovels with buckets that hold 100 tonnes, the mine delivers about 500,000 tonnes of oil sand per day to the ore preparation plants.

Oil Sands heavy hauler

At the Suncor oil sands mine, huge 240 to 380 tonne trucks deliver about 500,000 tonnes of oil sand per day to the ore preparation plants.