Wind Power

Wind power is one of the fastest growing sources of electricity generation in the world. It is efficient, emissions-free and renewable. Investment in wind power is a key component of Suncor's climate change action plan.

Suncor and our partners are involved in six operational wind power facilities. These wind power  facilities have a generating capacity of 287 megawatts (MW), enough to power about 100,000 Canadian homes.

Name Location Size


Ripley, Ontario 76 MW
38 turbines

Chin Chute

Taber, Alberta

30 MW
20 turbines


Magrath, Alberta 30 MW
20 turbines


Gull Lake, Saskatchewan 11 MW
17 turbines


Strathroy, Ontario 40 MW
18 turbines

Cedar Point

Forest, Ontario 100 MW
46 turbines

We continue to evaluate new opportunities to build our renewable energy portfolio, including our newest proposed wind project, the Nauvoo Wind Power Project.

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