Kent Breeze Wind Power Project

Suncor is committed to increasing renewable energy options in Canada and building best-in-class wind energy projects.

Kent Breeze is a 20 megawatt (MW) wind power project located on privately owned land west of Thamesville, Ont. In May 2010, Suncor acquired the project from the original developers — Kent Breeze Corporation and MacLeod Windmill Project Inc.  The project received a Renewable Energy Approval (REA) under the Ontario Green Energy Act from the Ministry of Environment (MOE) on Nov. 10, 2010 and construction began on Nov. 11, 2010. Operations at Kent Breeze Wind Power Project commenced in May 2011.

Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program

The project is made up of two 10MW Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program (RESOP) power purchase contracts, with 20-year terms, awarded by the Ontario Power Authority (RESOP #10306 and #13162).

The project will consists of eight GE 2.5MW wind turbines. The local community was notified of changes to the project in April/May 2010. A change to the turbine design proposed in the initial concept will mean fewer turbines on shorter towers producing the same amount of wind power. Suncor reduced the number of turbines from 10 to eight turbines, and reduced the turbine height from 98 m to 85 m.

Turbine Locations

The turbines are located on farmland, with short gravel roads running from the existing secondary road system into each turbine location.

Map of the wind turbine locations for the Kent Breeze Wind Power Project

The Kent Breeze project is considered a distribution connected project, which means that no transformer substation or large transmission lines are associated with it. Collection power lines are buried underground, so only the connection from a small switchyard to the Hydro One distribution system is visible above ground. This is located near Smoke Line and Huff’s Sideroad.

Application for Renewable Energy Approval

On Nov. 10, 2010, Suncor received a Renewable Energy Approval (REA) under the Ontario Green Energy Act from the Ministry of Environment (MOE).

The following documents were submitted to the MOE:

  1. Project Description Report (PDF, 30 pp., 1.48 MB) (available in English only)
  2. Construction Plan Report (PDF, 109 pp., 3.3 MB) (available in English only)
  3. Design and Operations Report (PDF, 54 pp., 8.7 MB) (available in English only)
  4. Decommissioning Plan Report (PDF, 8 pp., 47 KB) (available in English only)
  5. REA Consultation Report (PDF, 226 pp., 13.2 MB) (available in English only)
  6. Noise Assessment Report (PDF, 52 pp., 4.8 MB) (available in English only)
  7. Archaeological Assessment (Stage 1) (PDF, 24 pp., 1.7 MB) (available in English only)
  8. Archaeological Assessment (Stage 2) (PDF, 33 pp., 14.4 MB) (available in English only)
  9. Archaeological Assessment (Stage 3) (PDF, 48 pp., 3.8 MB) (available in English only)
  10. Built Heritage and Cultural Landscape Study (PDF, 51 pp., 18 MB) (available in English only)
  11. Natural Heritage Assessment Report (PDF, 126 pp., 13.5 MB) (available in English only)
  12. Environmental Effects (Birds and Bats) Monitoring Plan (PDF, 23 pp., 692 KB) (available in English only)
  13. Water Assessment Report (PDF, 24 pp., 996.9 KB) (available in English only)

Copies of these reports can be found in the MOE's office as well as the Thamesville library.

Based on the requirements by the Ontario Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Natural Resources, and Ministry of Environment, these reports have been produced in English only.

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