Sonja lives and works in Fort McMurray and loves the diverse community, great people and the future she sees in the company’s mining operations.

Sam manages a team of 1,500 and says Firebag’s large scale allows for tremendous opportunities for growth.

Tom continues to be amazed by the size and scale of his Suncor world, from the cranes and mine equipment, to the upgrader.

Trades & Operators

Go ahead. Expect Big.

At Suncor, we have some of the biggest equipment in the world — and tradespeople and operators play a big role. Highly skilled workers build, operate and maintain our facilities. Suncor has the best opportunities for tradespeople, power engineers and heavy-equipment operators. Why? Because we do it all — mining, in-situ production, upgrading and refining.

Go ahead. Expect big. Operate and maintain the widest range of state-of-the-art equipment. The very latest hydraulic shovels, cable shovels, crawler tractors, loaders, haul trucks, graders and backhoes are all at Suncor. And when new technology becomes available, we get it first. Like our brand-new D11s – every catskinner’s dream to operate.

Big jobs. Big pride. Big team spirit. Come and work with us.

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How do I apply?

Why work for Suncor?

Suncor offers an outstanding work environment. We’ll pay you well, provide great benefits and offer training to develop your skills. At the end of the day, you’ll take pride in seeing what you and your team have accomplished.

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Just starting out?

Suncor needs more qualified tradespeople for our oil sands workforce. We will help you launch a career in the trades. Apprenticeship and training programs are available, such as power engineering, a two-year program through Keyano College. We’re also a proud supporter of Women Building Futures, who provide training and support for women interested in a career in the trades.

Student or new grad interested in Trades?

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Trades & Operators FAQs

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