Andrea loves being able to provide solutions to offshore drilling from her hometown, St. Johns.

Heavy equipment operator Amber operates a shovel that moves more than 100 tons of material at a time.

Munir is actively involved in the community, and feels he is supported in his activities as well as his career growth.

Kelsey, supervisor of overhead doors and cranes, likes the great pay, benefits and work/life balance his role at Suncor offers.

Meet Our Suncor Team

Want to know what it’s really like to work at Suncor? Meet some of Suncor’s employees, and hear about their experiences — from career growth to their pride in the company.

Our Engineers  

Nadia Andrews, engineer, Major Projects, Calgary
Nadia Andrews

project engineer

Jean Beaudin, engineer Montreal
Jean Beaudin


Hsiu-yan Chan, manager, Planning and Development, Sarnia
Hsiu-yan Chan

planning and development manager

Claudine Gagnon, engineer, Montreal
Claudine Gagnon


Andrea Parrell,  subsea engineer, St. Johns
Andrea Parrell

subsea engineer

Brett Regier, General manager, In Situ Drilling & Completions, Calgary
Brett Regier

general manager

Ana Sanchez, manager, TRO Process Engineering, Fort McMurray
Ana Sanchez

process development manager

Mike Thornton, unit engineer, Sarnia
Michael Thornton

unit engineer

Derrick Trottier, director, Reliabillity Engineering & Extraction, Fort McMurray
Derrick Trottier

reliability director

Our Business Professionals

Reah Menchenton

oil sands supervisor

Kathi Brewer-Gouthro, project manager, Major Projects, Fort McMurray
Kathi Brewer-Gouthro

project manager

Reinhold Drygala , manager, Lawn  Care and Agricultural Sales, Mississauga
Reinhold Drygala

lawn care and agricultural sales director

Shenandoah Johns, director, Legal Affairs, Oil Sands and In Situ, Fort McMurray
Shenandoah Johns

legal director

Darcy Venne

SAP manager

Joanne Manser, Community Investment, Calgary
Joanne Manser

community investment advisor

Joy Flett

Aboriginal relations

Minir Jivraj, manager, Oil Sands Royalty Planning, Calgary
Munir Jivraj

oil sands royalty planning manager

Barb Van Noord, director, Information Services, Calgary
Barb Van Noord

information technology director

BJ Fitzpatrick, Emergency Response Officer  
BJ Fitzpatrick

emergency response officer

Jonathan Webb,  Planning and Reporting, Calgary
Jonathan Webb

planning and reporting manager

Our Trades and Operators

Annette Callan, Oil Sands In Situ Supervisor  
Annette Callan

oil sands & in situ supervisor

Amber Abram, heavy-equipment operator, Oil Sands Operations, Fort McMurray  
Amber Abram

heavy equipment operator

Rex Churchill, electrical engineer, Offshore FPSO, St. John’s, Newfoundland
Rex Churchill

electrical engineer

Darren Desjarlais, Oil Sans In Situ Supervisor  
Darren Desjarlais

oil sands & in situ supervisor

Chad Frigon, manager, Electrical Instrumentation, Fort McMurray
Chad Frigon

electrical instrumentation manager

Kelsey Janvier, supervisor, Overhead Doors and Cranes, Fort McMurray
Kelsey Janvier

overhead doors and cranes manager

Sonja Petereit, heavy equipment operator, Fort McMurray
Sonja Petereit

heavy equipment operator

Tom Rouse, manager, Cranes Department, Fort McMurray
Tom Rouse

cranes manager

Sam Veltri, construction manager, In Situ, Firebag, Fort McMurray
Sam Veltri

construction manager