2012 Oil Sands Production

On a monthly basis, Suncor Energy reports production numbers from its oil sands operation in order to provide stakeholders with a more timely review of operational performance. These numbers include upgraded sweet and sour synthetic crude oil and diesel, as well as non-upgraded bitumen sold directly to the market, from all Suncor-operated facilities. They do not include Suncor’s proportionate production share from the Syncrude joint venture.

These numbers are preliminary and subject to adjustment. Monthly totals may differ from the year-to-date total due to rounding, the impact of sales and changes in inventory. Quarterly Production volumes will be confirmed in Suncor’s quarterly reports to shareholders.

Date Monthly Average in barrels per day (bpd) Year-to-date Average in bpd
December 2012
385,000 324,000
November 2012
312,000 319,000
October 2012
330,000 319,000
September 2012
300,000 318,000
August 2012
373,000 321,000
July 2012
351,000 313,000
June 2012
343,000 307,000
May 2012
346,000 300,000
April 2012
237,000 288,000
March 2012
205,000 305,000
February 2012
361,000 357,500
January 2012
355,000 355,000

Production in October and November was reduced due to planned and unplanned maintenance.
Production in September was reduced due to planned maintenance.
Production in March and April was reduced due to planned and unplanned maintenance.