Suncor Energy's name and visual identity are symbols of how much we have achieved in the past and where we are going in the future. Our signature represents our position in the energy sector as a unique, bold and caring company.

Our visual identity is the visual expression of the company’s activities, behaviours, goals and values. It is both the Suncor signature, which is the company’s name rendered in graphic design, and the consistent and deliberate use of the supporting identity elements, such as colour and typography.

The brand structure includes approved elements that make up the visual expression of our company, businesses, approved projects and partnerships. The elements must not be altered and no new elements may be added without approval from Suncor’s corporate communications department. For complete guidelines on how to use the brand elements, download the guide:

Please review the Guidelines section of this website prior to using any of our corporate logos.

Please send all inquiries to brand@suncor.com