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Suncor's brand architecture includes approved elements that visually express our company, businesses, projects and partnerships. Please review our brand and visual identity guidelines (PDF, 48 pp., 6 MB) prior to using any of our corporate logos, signatures or other visual elements.

For more information on our brand and visual identity guidelines, contact

To download Suncor logos, choose the appropriate link below:

  • 300 dpi raster image (print quality) – select TIFF
  • 72 dpi raster image (screen quality) – select JPEG
  • scalable vector graphic (line art) – select EPS

Full-colour positive
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Full-colour reverse
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One-colour black positive
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One-colour white reverse
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One-colour blue positive
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There are materials on which it is important that the trademark symbol and notice appear. Contact if you require these files and have questions about our trademark logo.