Please follow these summary guidelines for the correct use of the Suncor visual identity. The elements must not be altered and no new elements may be added without approval from Suncor’s corporate communications department. For complete guidelines on how to use the signatures, download the Suncor Visual Identity Guide Summary  (PDF, 4 pp., 755 KB)

For more information, please contact Chris McIntosh.

Key Points

  • Always use electronic or hard copy reproduction art provided to reproduce the Suncor Energy signature.
  • Scanning, redrawing, stretching or changing the signature in any way is not permitted.
  • Keep all elements of the signature together. The energy ring must not be used on its own without permission. The Suncor logotype must not be used without the Energy logotype and energy ring.
  • Enlarge or reduce the full signature proportionately. For example, do not change the size of the Energy logotype in relation to the Suncor logotype, or the size of the energy ring in relation to Suncor and Energy.
  • The signature may be reduced to a minimum width of 15 millimeters.
  • Always position the signature in a clear area free from other text and graphics.
  • Use only the official corporate colours when reproducing the signature in more than one colour.

Suncor Official Colours

Suncor Blue: Equivalent to PANTONE® 294
Suncor Yellow: Equivalent to PANTONE® 123
Suncor Red: Equivalent to PANTONE® 032
Note that the energy ring is a gradation from Suncor Yellow to Suncor Red.

Wherever possible, the Suncor signature should appear in its official colours on a white or off-white background. It may also appear reversed against a Suncor Blue background with a full colour energy ring. In one colour, the signature may be all Suncor Blue, all black or all white. Except where the signature is reproduced in its official colours, it may not be reproduced in more than one colour – for example, the Suncor and Energy logotypes in blue and the energy ring in orange, or the Suncor and Energy logotypes in black and the energy ring in red.

Clear Space Required

Leave a minimum clear space around the signature equal to two times the height of the capital letters of "ENERGY." Wherever possible, leave a clear space equal to the height of the capital S of "Suncor."

Official Typefaces

Sabon and Frutiger are the official Suncor typefaces. Use these typefaces for all external materials. Use Sabon for body copy and titles. Use Frutiger for subheadings, captions, sidebar text, business names, charts and forms. For internal use only, it is acceptable to use Times New Roman and Arial.

Suncor Visual Identity
Guide Summary
  (PDF, 4 pp., 755 KB)
For more Guidelines for correct use of the Suncor Energy identity