Prepare your nomination. President’s Operational Excellence Awards 2013
2014 President’s Operational Excellence Awards

On any list of Things That Really Matter to Suncor, you’re certain to find ‘operational excellence.’ And just as certainly, you’ll find ‘the people who are making it happen.

The President’s Operational Excellence Awards (POEA) is Suncor’s annual celebration of the people pursuing operational excellence and, in the process, elevating Suncor to new levels of success.

People like you.

If you’re helping us advance operational excellence through standard, repeatable processes and tools…if you’re constantly seeking ways for Suncor to improve…if you’re living the operational discipline behaviours, then you could be a prime candidate for this special awards program.

Nominate yourself and your colleagues for a POEA…and get the recognition you deserve for being a partner in Suncor’s operational excellence journey.

Congratulations 2014 POEA recipients!

It was a celebration four months in the making. After a rigorous judging process which saw more than 140 approved nominees, and then 44 finalists – the 2014 President’s Operational Excellence Awards (POEA) recipients were announced and honoured at the gala event on November 18.

The evening culminated in the announcement of the President’s Award, which this year went to our In Situ Resources group for their two award-winning initiatives - The SAGD Wind-down Development & Implementation and Safely Maximizing MacKay River Value.

Congratulations to all of the 2014 President’s Operational Excellence Awards recipients.

And the recipients are…

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