Suncor working with Aboriginal communities
Aboriginal Relations

We recognize that our operations are located in the traditional territory of many Aboriginal communities. We believe that responsible development takes into account Aboriginal interests and their traditional and current uses of lands and resources. Energy development creates both opportunities for and impacts on communities, and we must work to maximize the former and minimize the latter.

Suncor works to develop strong, mutually beneficial relationships with Aboriginal communities near our operations throughout Canada. Our Aboriginal Relations Policy guides us in building relationships that are based on transparency, mutual respect and trust. Our commitment to Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples includes:

  • Respecting rights and traditions.We recognize the unique legal and constitutional rights of Aboriginal Peoples and seek to understand and respect their history, customs, beliefs and traditions.
  • Sharing in economic success. We want Aboriginal communities to be able to share in our successes and benefit from economic opportunities associated with energy development. We are committed to supporting business, employment and economic opportunities for Aboriginal Peoples.
  • Communicating regularly and openly. We are committed to listening and communicating directly and openly with Aboriginal communities affected by our operations. We seek to consult in a timely, interactive and culturally appropriate manner. We are willing to be influenced in our decisions and strive to keep communities informed of our response to their concerns.
  • Understanding environmental impacts. We recognize the importance of the land to Aboriginal Peoples and accept our own obligations toward the land, and commit to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible way over the long term.
  • Supporting social well-being. The Suncor Energy Foundation supports Aboriginal communities through collaborative, proactive, long-term initiatives.

Aboriginal Relations Policy: Listen to it in Cree and Dene

Audio Cree Audio Translation - Download MP3 File (10 MB)

Audio Dene Audio Translation - Download MP3 File (11 MB)

Learn more about Aboriginal Relations in the 2014 Report on Sustainability
Download the Aboriginal Relations Policy (PDF 5 pp., 2.2 MB)

Aboriginal Relations Policy (PDF 2 pp., 1.3 MB)

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