Suncor working with Aboriginal communities
Aboriginal Relations

Responsible development takes into account Aboriginal Peoples’ interests regarding the opportunities and impacts of energy development. Many of our operations are located on the traditional lands of Aboriginal Peoples. We know we have an impact on the environment and the communities where we operate.

We work with these communities to:

  • understand and mitigate those impacts 
  • build effective, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships

To achieve this, we strive for relationships that are based on transparency, mutual respect and trust.

Our Aboriginal relations policy is guided by these principles:

  • respect
  • communication
  • benefits
  • environment

Aboriginal Relations Policy: Listen to it in Cree and Dene

Audio Cree Audio Translation - Download MP3 File (10 MB)

Audio Dene Audio Translation - Download MP3 File (11 MB)

Learn more in our 2015 Report on Sustainability:

Aboriginal Relations Policy (PDF 2 pp., 1.3 MB)

Aboriginal Business Inquiries: Email us

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