Today, citizens are asking the oil sands industry to take decisive action on global and regional environmental issues. Suncor plans to be around for a long time and we know success over the long term depends on addressing a wide range of stakeholder concerns.

We know that energy development has an impact. And as we work to responsibly develop the energy the world needs, we have to think about:

Management approach

Our management approach to the environmental issues we face includes:

  • Our strategy. Our corporate mission is to be trusted stewards of valuable natural resources. A pillar of our corporate strategy is to be an industry leader in sustainable development by continued performance improvements in air emissions, water withdrawals, land reclamation and energy efficiency.

    We use our Operational Excellence Management System to identify, avoid and mitigate operational risks and environmental impacts.

  • Our policy. Our Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) policy (PDF, 1 pp. 156 KB) supports our mission and strategy. Our EHS policy statement is: We are committed to a culture of operational discipline which is foundational in achieving safety, environmental and health & wellness excellence.

Learn more in our 2015 Report on Sustainability: