Taking action on climate change
Climate Change

As Canada’s largest energy company, Suncor is committed to operational improvements to reduce the emissions intensity and environmental impact of its operations around the world.

With growth plans spanning the next decade, our absolute emissions will increase. But there is opportunity to improve our performance, while investing in solutions and working with all stakeholders to effect longer term change. The single biggest near-term opportunity to reduce our green house gas (GHG) emissions is through improved reliability and energy efficiency across our operations.

Suncor continues to be guided by the seven-point climate change action plan we first adopted in 1997. This plan calls on us to:

We’ve been encouraged by successes on all of these fronts. But we know we must continue to find new and better ways to reduce the carbon intensity of our business, for the benefit of all involved.

Learn more in the Suncor 2014 Sustainability Report: