"Taking action on Climate Change."
Climate Change

The climate change debate

Climate change is a much debated issue – Does it exist? What is the cause? What will its impacts be? The international scientific community is nearly unanimous that climate change is a real and growing global challenge with human activity as the principal cause.

Energy development

Suncor accepts the scientific consensus, publically stating that "climate change is happening and we need to take action." Energy development has an impact on the environment and we must do our part to manage and minimize our carbon footprint.

As Canada’s largest energy company, Suncor has a significant role to play, both within its plant gates and as a partner in broader energy discussions and strategies.

Suncor’s commitment

Suncor is committed to developing long-term, sustainable solutions and being part of something that’s bigger than just our company or industry. Nearly two decades ago a plan was launched to manage our GHG emissions, and we continue to invest in technology and innovation to reduce our emissions intensity.

Climate change is real. So now what?