Biodiversity preservation

Canada's boreal forest – one of the world's largest intact ecosystems – is home to the oil sands. The impacts of our operations are assessed in many ways, including for their impact on biodiversity when permits change or an expansion project warrants a review.

Local stakeholders are often involved in monitoring significant risks and/or potential impacts on biodiversity. We’re required to provide the provincial government with plans to manage our impacts on many components of biodiversity within the areas where we operate.

Suncor is working on a number of fronts to minimize our impact in the boreal region:

  • advancing progressive reclamation techniques at our oil sands mining operations
  • pioneering research and innovation on wetland reclamation, including the official opening in 2013 of one of the world’s first man-made fens
  • conservation of environmentally-sensitive boreal habitats 
  • managing our in situ footprint 
  • collaborating on regional biodiversity

Learn more in the Suncor 2015 Report on Sustainability: