Conserving land and forestry

We know that oil sands mining disturbs the land —­­ but not forever. Good land management practices are key to Suncor's overall vision of responsible development. Our goal is to do this work better and faster.

Reclaiming the land to support vegetation and wildlife

Reducing our footprint

  • Suncor is investing significantly in current and future in situ operations, which use only about 15% of the land normally disturbed by oil sands mining and do not
    produce tailings.
  • Suncor uses specialized equipment to build low-impact seismic lines.
  • We work closely with neighbouring companies to reduce the cumulative effects of development and to promote best practices and scientific research.
  • Suncor supports a number of research and conservation efforts by regional and non-profit multi-stakeholder groups.

Learn more about Land and Biodiversity in the Suncor 2014 Sustainability Report