Suncor's 2014 Report on Sustainability
About our Report on Sustainability

Suncor’s 2014 Report on Sustainability, published in July, provides a comprehensive review of our environmental, social and economic performance over the past year.

The next conversation

Energy provides us with countless advantages. It also comes with a unique set of challenges. Addressing those challenges means we must engage in open, honest and authentic conversations. Because how we deliver the energy the world needs is influenced by each of us through what we think, do and say.

Healthy economies require a healthy supply of energy. And meeting global energy demand will be challenging, especially with a global population expected to grow to nine billion. Developing needed energy while minimizing our impact on the environment is difficult. And getting to solutions means taking collaboration to the next level and engaging every sector of the economy — and all citizens — in an informed discussion about the path forward.

The next conversation about our energy future begins today. Together, we can find practical solutions and a better way to get things done.

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Our web-based report incorporates:
  • informative articles
  • photos and videos
  • performance data
  • interactive charts and graphs
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Awards and accolades

Suncor was recognized for its 2013 Report on Sustainability, capturing the Sustainable Development Reporting Award of Excellence and the Award of Excellence in the Oil and Gas Sector at this past year’s Corporate Reporting Awards competition. The awards are presented annually by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada and reflect the CPA’s commitment to enhancing the quality of reporting.