Suncor's 2014 Report on Sustainability
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About our Report on Sustainability

Suncor’s 2015 Report on Sustainability, published in July, provides a comprehensive review of our environmental, social and economic performance over the past year.

Leading change together

Our 2015 Report on Sustainability arrives at a time of transition and change in the energy world. While dealing with a significant drop in oil prices, our company – and our industry – is being challenged to lead on several fronts.

Challenges include:

  • providing reliable energy sources to meeting growing global demands
  • finding ways to produce and use energy while addressing growing global concerns about the effects of climate change
  • collaborating on potential solutions for transforming our energy system

While it’s obviously easier to lead when the economic and social climate is stable and prosperous, it’s even more important in an era of change and uncertainty.

Leading change is not something one company, industry, government or stakeholder group can do alone. We can achieve so much more when we collaborate on solutions.

Sustainability is about striking a balance between opportunity and risk. Businesses and economics are at risk if we fail to meet society’s rising expectations for our performance. But we also have a huge opportunity to mitigate those risks by leading the change that makes a positive difference to our communities, country and world.

View the report online

Our web-based report incorporates:
  • informative articles
  • photos and videos
  • performance data
  • charts and graphs

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Awards and accolades

Suncor was recognized for its 2014 Report on Sustainability, capturing the Award of Excellence in Sustainability Reporting and the Award of Excellence in Corporate Reporting – Oil and Gas/Forestry Products at the 2014 Corporate Reporting Awards competition. The awards are presented annually by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada and reflect the CPA’s commitment to enhancing the quality of reporting.