Créer notre avenir énergétique ensemble

We're in this together

The decisions we make today
will determine what our energy
future looks like

About our Report on Sustainability

Suncor’s 2013 Report on Sustainability, published in July, provides a comprehensive review of our environmental, social and economic performance over the past year.

One world. One future.

It’s become apparent that energy has the power to divide. We’ve become so preoccupied deciding what we’re against — oil sands, nuclear, fracking — that we’ve forgotten the importance of determining what we’re for — a positive energy future for today and tomorrow.

While energy may have the power to divide, it also has the power to unite. Energy has driven human advancement since the first meal cooked over a wood fire. Today, energy, in its many forms, powers everything from life-saving medical devices to the Internet. Transportation fuels, like the ones Suncor produces, have connected the world, allowing us to take to the roads, the skies — and even into space.

The reality is that the world we create energy in, is the world we create energy for. And as our population rises, and millions of people move from poverty to the global middle class, we’re going to need all sources of energy, developed responsibly, to supply the energy the world needs to grow and progress.

Meeting global energy demand will be challenging. And getting to solutions will mean taking collaboration to the next level and engaging every sector of the economy — and all our citizens — in an informed discussion about the path forward.

We are in this together and the decisions we make, as companies and societies, will determine what our shared energy future looks like.

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Our web-based report incorporates:
  • informative articles
  • photos and videos
  • performance data
  • interactive charts and graphs
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Awards and accolades

Suncor was recognized for its 2012 Report on Sustainability, capturing the Sustainable Development Reporting Award of Excellence in this year’s Corporate Reporting Awards competition. The awards are presented annually by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and reflect the CA profession’s commitment to enhancing the quality of reporting.

Suncor also received top honours for its sustainability reporting during Oilweek’s 37th Annual Report Awards. The Sustainability Award, in its seventh year, is presented to companies who exhibit excellence in adhering to and reporting on sustainability principles.