Doing Business with Us

At Suncor, the term “contractor” refers to any organization, company or individual who provides goods and/or services to Suncor.

Contractors play a critical role in helping Suncor achieve its business objectives. All contractors must pre-qualify prior to performing work or providing services to Suncor.

Qualify to be a Contractor

In order for your business to do business with Suncor, you’ll need to understand our business and you must pre-qualify.

Existing Contractor

Suncor’s codes and policies

We expect all suppliers and contractors to be familiar with and to adhere to Suncor’s Standards of Business Conduct. If you act as an agent for Suncor, you must comply with our code.

Read more about the policies and codes that you must comply with as an existing contractor

Contractor orientation

Find information about site access and gain access to the online orientation.

Visit contractor orientation

Accounts payable

As a Suncor contractor you’ll want to know about how our invoicing works.