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Heavy hauler unloading into sizer

At the Suncor oil sands plant, crushers and sizers prepare the ore for delivery to primary extraction via hydrotransport pipelines.

Man walking on helicopter pad on Terra Nova FPSO

Suncor operates the Terra Nova field. The Terra Nova Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) is one of the largest vessels ever built.

Creating the surface of Pond 1

Pond 1 surface construction involved covering it with a layer of soil 50 cm deep. About 65,000 truckloads of soil were used.

Natural Gas

Suncor develops and produces natural gas in Western Canada to provide a price hedge against internal consumption at our oil sands and refining operations.

Mackay River In Situ Project

The MacKay River project is located 60 km northwest of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Increased in situ production is a key part of Suncor’s plans to increase bitumen supply while

Suncor Energy's Pond 1 in August 2010

In time, we expect this land will become a productive mixed wood forest and wetland environment.

Gloved Hands Holding Oil Sands Bitumen Ore

Oil sand is a mixture of bitumen (a thick, sticky form of crude oil), sand, water and clay.

Oats serve as a cover crop

Oats make a good cover crop for Pond 1 because the tall plants protect the vulnerable young tree and shrub seedlings during their critical first year.