Oil Sands product tanks

Title: Oil Sands product tanks

Suncor product tanks store refinery-ready feedstock and diesel fuel that is shipped by pipeline to customers in commercial and industrial markets throughout North America.
Oil Sands, product tanks, storage, Fort McMurray, Alberta
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Wapisiw reclamation site in the oil sands

Suncor is the first Alberta oil sands company to convert a tailings pond to a stable surface solid enough to be re-vegetated.

Fort Hills mining electric shovel

An electric shovel at the Fort Hills site (2016).

Fort Hills mining trucks

A hydraulic shovel places overburden in a haul truck at the Fort Hills site. When operational, shovels will collect bitumen for haul trucks to take the product to the ore preparation plant (2016).

Burrard Product Terminal in British Columbia

The Burrard Products Terminal straddles the Burnaby-Port Coquitlam border in British Columbia.