2015 Presidents Award recipients

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Congratulations 2015 POEA recipients! 

Every year, the President’s Operational Excellence Awards celebrates the people pursuing operational excellence, and in the process, elevating Suncor to new levels of success. 

In 2015, we received 160 approved nominations representing the best of what Suncor is all about. After a rigorous review by the judges, the list was paired down to 51 finalists and 21 award recipients. 

To recognize their commitment to operational excellence and celebrate their great achievements, Steve Williams, our president and CEO, hosted a very special dinner and awards ceremony on Nov. 5 for recipients. 

President’s Award

Global Module Logistics 

The evening culminated in the announcement of the President’s Award. This prestigious and eagerly sought-after award is presented to the best of the best – the individual, team or business area that excelled at applying the principles of operational excellence and the behaviours of operational discipline to deliver exceptional results or significantly improve the way we work. 

The 2015 award went to our Global Module Logistics team in Major Projects for developing a low risk transportation corridor for overseas modules, using innovative thinking, collaborative relationships and operational discipline to address shipping problems.

Congratulations to all of the 2015 President’s Operational Excellence Awards recipients. 

Download the list of 2015 POEA recipients (PDF, 13 pp., 158 KB)

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