Business Conduct

At Suncor, sound and ethical business practices are fundamental to our business. We believe each employee and contractor is responsible for ensuring Suncor conducts business in a safe, fair, respectful and lawful manner.

Suncor’s Standards of Business Conduct Code is an important part of this commitment. It requires all Suncor employees, contract staff and directors to familiarize themselves annually with the company’s business conduct policies and affirm they have complied with those policies during the preceding calendar year. Compliance is then reported to Suncor’s Board of Directors.

The Way We Do Business

The booklet The Way We Do Business summarizes Suncor’s policy guidance and standards that comprise our Standards of Business Conduct Code.

The document serves as a guide to the standards of behaviour expected on matters that are important to our company. This includes ethical conduct in the workplace and the ethical use of company property and information.

As part of their working relationship with Suncor, all employees, contract staff and company directors must understand and comply with the Code.

Download The Way We Do Business (PDF, 24 pp., 1.00 MB)

Standards of Business Conduct

Accounting Reporting and Business Control (PDF, 24 pp., 1.00 MB)

Business Conduct Policy Statement (PDF, 2 pp., 22 KB)

Communications to the Public (PDF, 7 pp., 234 KB)

Competition (PDF, 19 pp., 102 KB)

Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality (PDF, 5 pp., 45 KB)

Directors, Officers, Trustees and Board Members of Outside Organizations (PDF, 4 pp., 38 KB)

Disclosure of Material Information and Trading in Shares and Securities (PDF, 4 pp., 36 KB)

Harassment and Violence Free Working Environment (PDF, 6 pp., 49 KB)

Prevention of Improper Payments (PDF, 10 pp., 71 KB)

Reporting Insiders (PDF, 4 pp., 108 KB)

Trade Relations (PDF, 2 pp., 29 KB)

Trading Blackouts for Restricted Persons (PDF, 5 pp., 50 KB)