Inclusion and diversity

For Pride Week in Calgary, our Downstream Workplace Inclusion Network (WIN) committee organized an information booth to generate awareness and took a ‘Pride Rainbow’ photo to celebrate.

We want Suncor to be a great place to work for everyone; where people feel safe, included, inspired, trusted and supported so they can be, and bring, their best. We’re committed to creating a respectful and inclusive workplace where unique perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, cultures and attributes are valued and leveraged to help achieve better results.

As a large organization with operations across different geographies, we celebrate the fact that our workforce is made up of people with diverse demographics. And we are committed to ensuring our workplace is fair, equitable and free of discrimination and harassment.

When we talk about creating an inclusive and diverse workplace:

  • Inclusion means recognizing, respecting and understanding all the ways we differ, and leveraging those differences to achieve strong results. Inclusion is creating a place where people feel they belong, can be authentic, and can share their differences.
  • Diversity means all the attributes that make every person unique. Although this is often thought of in terms of gender, age, culture, race or abilities, we know diversity also includes people’s different perspectives, backgrounds, experiences and thinking styles. We recognize we are all diverse!

We believe:

  • Inclusive environments lead to more effective problem solving, better results, and higher performing teams.
  • Intentionally bringing people together who think differently adds value to the conversation and helps us to make better, more innovative decisions.
  • Diversity of thought, experience, skills, background and gender across our workforce leads to better outcomes and is proven to improve innovation and performance.
  • People’s full potential can be unleashed in inclusive workplaces.

We know inclusion is vital to foster an organizational culture where everyone feels comfortable speaking up and being themselves, and we are proud of the work our employees and leaders are doing to build this kind of culture.

Suncor’s Inclusion and Diversity Commitment

We are all committed to an inclusive and diverse work environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

To live up to our commitment, our initiatives and actions are focused on:

  1. Building inclusive leadership skills as a core competency for all leaders;
  2. Fostering awareness, understanding and skills among all employees, to support a respectful and inclusive workplace;
  3. Supporting employee involvement in employee networks and other initiatives;
  4. Examining our processes to mitigate systemic bias and build a great place to work, and;
  5. Collaborating with industry and community partners to foster inclusion and reduce employment barriers.
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