Suncor Energy Foundation (SEF) Board of Directors


Arlene Strom

SEF President and Chair of the SEF Board of Directors

Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel, Suncor

Arlene serves as Suncor’s Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel. In August 2009, she joined the SEF Board and became the Chair in February 2020. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Trinity Western University, a Master of Arts in Public Policy from University of British Columbia, and an LLB from University of British Columbia.

“I firmly believe that meaningful relationship building with the Indigenous Youth Advisory Council (IYAC) through SEF is an example of how we can fully live our purpose, and we have much to learn from these extraordinary young people who care deeply about our collective future. Working with IYAC is just one of the many impactful experiences that being on the SEF Board has afforded me.” – Arlene Strom


Martha Hall Findlay

SEF Vice-President and Director, SEF Board

Chief Sustainability Officer, Suncor

Martha is Suncor’s Chief Sustainability Officer. She joined Suncor in January 2020 and became the Vice President of the SEF Board in February 2020. Martha has a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the University of Toronto and an LLB from the Osgoode Hall Law School. She also holds the Institute of Corporate Directors ICD.D designation.

“I’ve had several positions that require me to understand the needs and strengths of communities, but it’s been interesting and valuable to join the SEF Board and gain an additional perspective to how we understand societal issues and ways of addressing them.” – Martha Hall Findlay


Mike Agnew

Director, SEF Board and Member of SEF Finance Committee

Vice President, Fort Hills, Suncor

Since joining Suncor in 1999, Mike has held a variety of leadership roles and now serves as the Vice President, Fort Hills, a role he has held since November 2019. He joined the SEF Board in April 2019 and is also a member of the SEF. Mike is a professional engineer and holds a Bachelor of Science in mining engineering from Queen’s University.

“Being a part of the SEF Board is rewarding because it gives me the opportunity to do something completely different than my day-to-day responsibilities while giving back to community.” – Mike Agnew


Paul Gardner

Director, SEF Board

Chief People Officer, Suncor

As Chief People Officer, Paul oversees Suncor’s culture and ensures effective people strategies and programs are in place to enable business results. He earned a master’s degree in industrial relations from Queen’s University and holds a bachelor’s degree in public administration. Paul joined the SEF Board in November 2011 and chaired the SEF board from March 2015 to September 2017.

“SEF helps to connect Suncor business strengths with community strengths in communities where Suncor has operations and in broader society. It helps bridge community needs to the Suncor purpose. For those of us on the SEF Board, our involvement broadens our mindsets to enable creative, future-looking solutions.” – Paul Gardner


Deborah Gullaher

Director, SEF Board and Member of SEF Finance Committee

Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Suncor

Deborah is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing where she is responsible for the Petro-Canada brand and the strategies, processes, programs and operations related to the Retail and Wholesale business. Deborah joined the Suncor Energy Foundation Board in June 2012 and is a member of the SEF Board Finance Committee. Deborah is a graduate of Business Administration from the University of Regina, and Masters of Business Administration from the University of Calgary.

“Being a SEF Board member has informed aspects of my work – including the creation of the Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation – and I’ve similarly enjoyed being able to inform SEF’s work. It is a source of pride that Suncor chooses to support community through these foundations and our overall approach to continuously improve how we do community investment.” – Deborah Gullaher


Kevin MacIntosh

Director, SEF Board and Chair of SEF Board Finance Committee

Vice President & Controller, Suncor

Kevin came to Suncor in 2012 and now leads the Controllers organization which is responsible for a wide range of critical financial management services including planning and performance reporting, stewardship and financial reporting and all other accounting related activities. He received his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Dalhousie University, and his CPA designation in the province of New Brunswick. In 2019, Kevin joined the SEF Board and currently chairs the SEF Board Finance Committee.

“Being invited to join the SEF Board has been an opportunity to wear an additional hat at Suncor. While we certainly want to see Suncor and SEF continue to be aligned, being able to think with my SEF that allows me to think beyond the usual Suncor parameters and also consider what’s best for the Foundation and community as they work together for social good.” – Kevin MacIntosh


Sylvie Tran

Director, SEF Board

Vice President, Environment Health & Safety, Suncor

Sylvie joined Suncor in July 2019 as the Vice-President of Engineering, Exploration, and Development and now serves as Vice President of Environment, Health and Safety. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University. Sylvie is passionate about community service and serves on several Boards including the National Academies of Sciences Marine Board, True School Studio and as of August 2019, the Suncor Energy Foundation.

“Being part of the Foundation should be a great opportunity to connect employees’ expertise to community organizations – and vice versa. It’s exciting to mobilize our employees’ unique skills and experiences to make a difference.” – Sylvie Tran