Environment, health and safety

Three workers during a field meeting at Fort Hills Secondary Extraction.

Safety is our top priority. We value safety above all else and believe that we all play a role in safety excellence.

As a current or prospective supplier, contractor or carrier, you need to be aware of, understand, and comply with our codes and policies.

Environment, health and safety documents

Our environment, health and safety documents contain relevant policies, standards, procedures, work practices, rules, manuals and other documents that may be applicable to work performed by contractors at specific Suncor Energy work sites.

Suncor hazard control documents can be found on avetta.com. If your organization already has access to Avetta, please login to access the applicable documents.

Alternatively, you may make arrangements with Suncor’s Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) team by sending an email to EH&SContractManagement@suncor.com to obtain the materials via an alternate avenue.

Prior to, and periodically while working with Suncor, it is the responsibility of suppliers to ensure that they are in compliance with the latest version of Suncor’s EH&S documents and requirements. If you have questions about our EH&S requirements, please send them to EH&SContractManagement@suncor.com and allow 2-5 business days for a response.

Environment, Health and Safety

(PDF, 529 KB)

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Way We Do Business – Working With Suncor is an extension of Suncor’s own Standards of Business Conduct and reflects our values and expectations, both of ourselves and everyone we work with.

This code highlights the values that are important to Suncor and is a guide to the standard of behaviour expected of all suppliers, contractors, consultants and other third parties we do business with.

Supplier Code of Conduct

(PDF, 29 pages, 2 MB)

Alcohol and drug policy

We are committed to providing a safe work environment for all workers and for those whose safety may be affected by such workers.

We recognize that the use of alcohol and drugs can adversely impact a safe work environment. All contractors who deploy workers to a worksite that is owned or controlled by Suncor must comply with Suncor’s Contractor Alcohol and Drug Standard.

Our Contractor Alcohol and Drug Standard addresses and minimizes the risks in the workplace associated with alcohol and drugs. The standard clarifies the contractor’s obligations to ensure that all workers deployed on behalf of the contractor have the ability to safely and acceptably perform their assigned duties without any limitations relating to alcohol and drug use.

Drug interdiction at Suncor accommodations

(PDF, 7 pages, 95 KB)

Life saving rules

Suncor’s Life Saving Rules are intended to supplement and support existing company management systems, programs and policies. These rules have been put in place to ensure basic behaviors are followed to prevent the kind of incidents that could result in serious injuries or fatalities on our sites. Our Life Saving Rules highlight simple actions individuals can take to protect themselves and others. These rules are summarized below: