We’re excited to welcome young innovative-thinkers, and algorithm-makers, like Isaac Jones and Elias Carciente, to Suncor as part of a new internship program to further the knowledge of applied artificial intelligence (AI) by young innovators. 

Through a new partnership with TransAlta Corporation, ATB Financial and Spartan Controls, they, along with other internship peers, will be working on real-world challenges with access to data, tools and mentorship, gaining essential experience to enhance their job readiness. Isaac and Elias are some of the first to be chosen to make up the first cohort of AltaML’s Applied AI Lab.

This industry collaboration will accelerate artificial intelligence adoption in Calgary. Over the three-year life of the AI Lab, approximately 240 paid interns will gain hands-on experience, creating a talent pipeline that will add significant staffing resources to Calgary’s digital sector. The AI Lab will help build our talent pool and create new opportunities for not only the partners, but also the City of Calgary and the province of Alberta. 

“Creating value from data is an important part of the puzzle at Suncor as we look to gain competitive advantage by leveraging digital technology,” said Bruno Francoeur, Chief Transformation Officer, Suncor. “This work with the AI Lab is an example of how we’re working with experts to leverage data to support advanced analytics, timely decisions and efficiency in our teams.”

At Suncor, we’ve already been extensively using information technology in our business, but the increasingly digital world brings new and exciting opportunities. As part of our approach to innovation, we are harnessing digital technology capabilities to improve the safety, productivity, reliability and environmental performance of our operations. Embracing emerging technologies like AI, helps to keep businesses and economies flowing. Creating value is about becoming a data informed enterprise where everyone can apply their knowledge, draw insights and make the best possible decisions. 

Advanced analytics is part of Suncor’s future and will be embedded in how we work. The combination of business knowledge, the scientific analysis of data, the use of new technology and the application of advanced analytics will drive action based on new insights.

We can’t wait to see what comes out of the interns’ work in the Alta ML Applied AI lab to accelerate AI adoption in the energy, banking and electricity sectors.”