Once a personal trainer caring for people’s physical health, Meredith MacKay now shows her care for others by working to develop an inclusive and respectful workplace that values diversity.

As a member of Suncor’s Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) team, Meredith is involved in many initiatives that are making a difference at Suncor. As a contributor to the 2020 Report on Sustainability, she also sheds light on the work the I&D team is supporting and Suncor’s  leadership commitment to drive an inclusive culture.
“This job is incredibly fulfilling, especially over the last year as I feel momentum building in this space,” says Meredith. “We are helping to make sure everyone that works at Suncor feels safe (physically and psychologically), respected, and that they belong.”
Historic and recent events and conversations across North America, around the globe and within Suncor, have heightened the need to deepen our commitment to an inclusive and respectful workplace and seek to address systemic bias.
“Seeing the number of team members that participate in cultural awareness sessions and recent anti-racism conversations, including members from Suncor’s Executive Leadership Team, shows that there is an openness to learn, change and grow within Suncor,” says Meredith.
One of the things Meredith is proud of is how she worked with employee networks, Health & Wellness, and Human Resources to improve the experience of parents taking a leave at Suncor. Two initiatives that came from these collaborations are the Parental Leave Guidebook and the Parental Leave Top-up Plan. The guidebook provides best practice tips to help create a positive leave experience by ensuring employees and leaders feel supported when a parent takes a leave and are set up for success when they return to work. The new Parental Leave Top-up Plan supports men and women, birth and adoptive parents, and while at this time it is available for Canadian employees, we are exploring how to implement similar support in other countries where we operate.
Another big piece of work is the Equal Opportunity and Inclusion Policy. This policy outlines Suncor’s commitment to provide a work environment that encourages mutual respect, equal opportunities, and positive working relationships that are free of discrimination. To ensure we can implement the new policy, the Respectful Workplace Standard was also published. 
When Meredith is not supporting the I&D work, she enjoys travelling (locally, currently) and cheering on sports teams with her new husband, whom she eloped with in July.

Suncor employee, Meredith McKay, and her partner t the 2018 World Cup in Moscow, Russia.
Meredith and her partner at the 2018 World Cup in Moscow, Russia.

“Prior to COVID-19, we loved going to sporting events and travelling. We try to combine them as best we can,” says Meredith. “In 2018, we went to Russia for the FIFA World Cup, and travelled to five different cities in three weeks. It was such a great experience!”  
She also has a goal to visit all the Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Football League (NFL) stadiums in North America. But, while travel restrictions are in place, she has been enjoying getting some light physical exercise outside on her new bike. 


*Imagery pre-dates requirements for physical distancing and mask guidance*