Electric vehicles (EVs) are getting a lot of attention these days and the recently announced federal emissions reduction program as well as an upcoming road trip season may help turn the heads of prospective car buyers in the direction of EVs.

Canada’s Electric Highway™ will get you places, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Just ask users of Petro-Canada’s electric vehicle (EV) charging stations who drove across Canada this year. These passionate EV owners are regular users of Canada’s Electric Highway™, which is operated by our Petro-Canada brand.

The great cross-Canada adventure

In an interview with PumpTalk, Marianne Kunic shared stories of her cross-Canada road trip adventure with her brother in her EV, affectionately named “Cricket” because of its bright green colour. 

With Petro-Canada EV fast chargers located every 250 kilometres or less, and near the TransCanada Highway, she was pleased to have plenty of options while travelling from Sechelt, BC to St. Stephen, NB. “We really like the Petro-Canada machines. They are well-lit, state of the art, easy to use,” says Marianne. 

She adds, “There is definitely some anxiety about getting an EV – specifically about running out of charge. But the cars are so smart – they warn you ahead of time.”

When planning a long-haul EV trip, Marianne advises to update your car’s GPS maps before travelling, plotting the route ahead of time, and making sure to factor in enough time for each charging stop. She also says that having an app, like the Petro-Canada EV app, that helps you locate the chargers, is essential. 

A different kind of family road trip

EV enthusiast, David Bennett, a trainer with Human Resources, and his son came up with the idea to test-drive an EV while on a family vacation, and once they did – they were hooked. 

He says that his EV has changed how he drives and family road trips. “I don’t do any more passing on the highway – just set my cruise and drive at a constant speed. It’s much more relaxed,” says David. 

David adds that while there’s some more planning required upfront for longer trips, “as we travel as a family, it’s a very different feeling.” The charging stops are an opportunity to “get out and locate new spots in the town. It takes longer, but it’s more fun.”

He says that the family is planning to drive to Halifax in their EV, and “the Petro-Canada network will make that possible.” 

David Bennett and his family at the Tesla factory in California standing in front of a sign which reads TESLA

David and his family at the Tesla factory in California

Paul is a beliEVer

Paul Raszewski is the co-founder of the Toronto Electric Vehicle Association (TEVA), an organization dedicated to electric transportation advocacy, education, and adoption.

As an early adopter of EVs, Paul says that a little over a decade ago he could only drive his EV around town, and not take it on long trips. “I’ve had pure electric models, plug in hybrid models and hybrids with range extenders . . . and the technology has come really far.” His current car can go over 400 kilometres on a charge, which makes distance travelling a lot easier. 

Paul uses Petro-Canada EV fast chargers and the Petro-Canada EV App quite extensively – both at home in Toronto, and on cross-country road trips. He advises that EV apps are better than using your car’s GPS, because they show you where chargers are located and how to pay for them.

Paul and his son, Paul Jr., co-founders of TEVA stand leaning on their silver Tesla car with the Toronto skyline in the background

Paul and his son, Paul Jr., co-founders of TEVA

Contributing to a net-zero world

Suncor and Petro-Canada aim to help customers contribute to a net-zero world. We are doing this by providing an evolving portfolio of trusted energy choices across Canada. 

To learn more about Suncor’s commitment download our Report on Sustainability or Climate Report, go to https://sustainability.suncor.com