At Suncor, safety above all else is essential, and one of our core values. We take pride in upholding this value, including beyond the gates of our operations and in our homes and communities.

So when we became aware of questions among the local trucking industry regarding permissible routes for carrying hazardous materials, it was important for us to take action. After all, we depend on safe, reliable transportation to bring crude oil into our refinery, and to carry out products like gasoline and diesel fuel for consumers in Colorado and Wyoming.

Upon learning of the concerns earlier this year, Suncor offered to facilitate conversations among the various agencies, organizations and municipalities whose input would be needed to clarify weight limits and designated routes for hazardous materials.

Through meetings involving Suncor, the Colorado State Patrol, Colorado Department of Transportation, Colorado Motor Carriers Association and the City of Commerce City, a plan was developed to assist truck drivers and their companies in understanding and complying with state and local laws.

Rooted in public safety, the plan will see a series of meetings across the state to gather input and ensure clarity around current routes. The first of these meetings was hosted by Suncor in September. It also includes new resources and maps for truckers to use.

“The safety of our roads and the people who drive them are as important to Suncor as our own safe, reliable operations,” commented Nancy Thonen, director of U.S. pipelines and logistics. “As a member of the community, we were happy to work with others to clarify hazardous materials information and routes, and support shared learning with the stakeholders involved. This helps build trust, and a safer, stronger community for all.”