It’s official: 2020 is in the rear-view mirror. Though the new year doesn’t feel that different yet, and uncertainty will continue for awhile, one thing we can be sure of is the opportunity created when we work together.

This declaration was an ongoing theme in Suncor CEO Mark Little’s recent interview with Perrin Beatty, president and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Mark and Perrin reflected on 2020, discussed the impact COVID-19 has had on Suncor and the energy industry and the opportunities that lie ahead. 

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is Canada’s largest and most representative national business association with 200,000 members across Canada. Canadian businesses at all levels play an important role in the economic recovery as we continue to face ongoing challenges of a global pandemic. 

“As we look towards the future, there’s a critical role for the energy sector to play to help fuel economic recovery, support ambitions to address climate change and continue on our journey to improve our environmental performance” said Mark. 

Through all the challenges we faced last year, we proved that we are stronger together. We partnered with companies and communities in ways we’ve never done before. Now the question is, what’s next? How we do we move forward, and what role will businesses play?     

“Businesses have always had a strong role to play in the economy,” said Mark, “our purpose and values help guide our actions and ensure we reflect what’s important to Canadians.” 

We’re continuing to advance our sustainability journey, and we’re excited about some of our recent initiatives and partnerships:

  • launching Canada’s Electric Highway through our Petro-Canada brand;
  • investing  in LanzaJet, through LanzaTech, a leading biotech company and carbon recycler, to support the development of sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel;
  • launching the Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation, which supports and recognizes the role of caregivers in Canada;
  • partnering on the construction of a new biofuel facility in Quebec that will convert non-recyclable commercial and industrial waste as well as forestry waste to biofuels and renewable chemicals;
  • and; continuing to make significant investments in technology and innovation to develop next generation extraction processes, advance low-carbon fuels and cleantech venture capital and companies. 

Interested in watching the full interview between Mark Little and Perrin Beatty? Check it out here

Our work with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is one of many essential business and community partnerships for Suncor. It enables us to be a critical part of conversations impacting Canadian businesses, the economy and communities.