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Annual Report 2016
Annual Report 2018
(PDF, 158 pp., 5.20 MB)
Suncor's annual financial report
Management Proxy Circular 2016
Management Proxy Circular 2019
(PDF, 95 pp., 1.2 MB)
Annual information for shareholders
2019 Climate Risk and Resilience Report2019 Climate Risk and Resilience Report
(PDF, 28 pp., 4.21 MB)
This report is intended to provide investors with Suncor’s perspective on our energy future.
From oil sands ore to consumer energy
From Oil Sands Ore to Consumer Energy
(PDF, 1 pp., 677 KB)
The oil sands process
2014 Stakeholder Relations Policy
Stakeholder Relations Policy
(PDF, 2 pp., 1.57 MB)
Suncor's commitment to working with people
interested in, or affected by, our operations process explained
Aboriginal Relations Brochure
Aboriginal Relations Brochure
(PDF, 8 pp., 880 KB)