SAP S4 Workday Deployment

SAP4 Workday Landing Image

Suncor implementing SAP S4 and Workday

Effective and efficient business processes benefit everyone – our customers, our suppliers and Suncor.

The past few years, we’ve been on a journey to improve many of those processes, with the principles of standardization and simplification in mind. Many of these new processes will be supported by industry-standard, cloud-based technology, namely SAP S4 (and complementary solutions) and Workday.

This will benefit everyone but does entail change.

About the change

Moving to new systems and technology is much like switching banks. The services are comparable, but account and customer numbers change, statements look different, and online functionality may differ, to name just a few of the adjustments one must adapt to.

However, this isn’t change simply for the sake of change. These cloud-based systems have many benefits and are akin to online banking, with 24/7 access to near real-time information for customers and suppliers alike. 

As Suncor ensures our business partners and customers are informed of the changes coming, you may receive communication from both our Supplier and Customer teams. This reflects the multi-faceted and important relationships we have across our business.

Timing and what to expect

For our customers and business partners with our Commodity Supply & Trading and Sales & Marketing business lines, we are working towards an April 5, 2022 go-live date. This includes landlords, tenants, and non-purchase order supplier relationships. More information about what to expect, including pre-go live activities is available here.

For material and service suppliers with purchase orders or statements of work, we are working towards an April 6, 2022 go-live date. More information about what to expect, including pre-go live activities is available here.

As we continue to prepare for the deployment of SAP S4 and Workday, we will build on the information available on these pages, complete with FAQs, checklists, “How do I?” documents, and more.

Information for suppliers  Information for business partners & customers