SAP S4 Workday Deployment for Suppliers

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Suncor implements a new procurement ecosystem

Aligned with our enterprise migration to SAP S4, Suncor completed its migration on April 6, 2022 of its procurement processes onto SAP’s S4, Ariba and Fieldglass systems. Our supplier qualification, contracting, sourcing, contractor management, purchase orders, invoicing, and payment activities have now moved to new SAP supported systems.

About the change

How we manage our supply chain processes becomes automated, integrated, and consistent, as we move to SAP’s S4, Ariba, and Fieldglass systems. Modernizing our processes unlocks the opportunity for us to be more collaborative, consistent, in working with our suppliers. New cloud-based systems will give suppliers self-serve access to accurate, near real-time data.

Hear more about our transition from Joe Vetrone, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain, Field Logistics, and Projects

Learn more information about Suncor’s transformation of its procurement processes by watching a recording of one of our supplier information sessions hosted in February:

Resources available

Get ready to manage your supplier relationship information with Suncor using Ariba Supplier Lifecycle & Performance (Ariba SLP) after April 6.

  • Information for all suppliers.
  • Review the presentation to learn how Suncor will use Ariba SLP for the qualification, pre-qualification processes. Topics covered include migration activities, data maintenance requirements and how Ariba SLP fits within Suncor's new procurement ecosystem that is enabled with Suncor's migration to SAP S4. 
  • Watch the recording of this session.

Get ready for service procurement after April 6 with SAP Fieldglass.

  • For service providers, this presentation from the functional training session includes Fieldglass essentials, overview of the new Statement of Work and Contingent Worker process and how to find additional learning materials to support your migration to Fieldglass.
  • Watch the recording of this session.
  • To help get you started with Fieldglass, use this Quick Start Guide that summarizes the Fieldglass learning resources available with quick links

Get ready for materials procurement after April 6 with Ariba Network (invited material suppliers only at this time).

  • Information for our wave 1 material suppliers.
  • Resources, including Quick Reference Guides (QRGs), demonstration videos and simulations are available directly in Suncor’s Information Portal on Ariba.
  • Review the presentation to learn how Suncor will use the Ariba Network with material suppliers for the transaction management of goods. Through the Ariba Network we will be digitizing the exchange of purchase orders, confirmations, advance shipment notifications, and invoice documents for material procurement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Supply chain transformation FAQs

(PDF, 3 pages, 106 KB)

Materials Suppliers FAQs

(PDF, 3 pages, 123 KB)

Services Suppliers FAQs

(PDF, 3 pages, 120 KB)

Together, we will make it easier to do business together

Suncor is committed to the seamless and successful transition of our supply chain ecosystem and look to our supplier community to learn, adapt, and comply with these new processes.

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Thank you, for your support of our procurement transformation.