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The Suncor Energy Foundation (SEF) believes in connecting business and community strengths to make a positive difference in society. Through partnerships and relationships with those who are courageously seeking solutions, we aim to spark change and propel progress for generations ahead.

We take a long-term view and believe we have the opportunity — and responsibility — to help build a better future. Since Suncor began operations in the oil sands over 50 years ago, this commitment has been demonstrated in our work with communities across our operations, through the efforts of our employees, and with the creation of SEF in 1998.

We believe in partnering and building relationships for the long term to bring a brighter world to life. These relationships need to be across multiple sectors as no one type of organization can solve the interconnected, complex challenges we’re facing in the world today. That’s why we aim to foster mutual benefit and co-create solutions.

Our objectives

  • Connect people across sectors and systems while working to increase equity and belonging.
  • Share power and co-create sustainable solutions to complex challenges. To do so, we will lean into courageous conversations and be open to changing ourselves.
  • Amplify community-led and community-informed efforts, including the efforts of Suncor employees.
  • Support people and communities to adapt and evolve toward more regenerative approaches.

Our strategy has three interconnected pillars

We combine community and Suncor’s strengths to find social, economic and environmental solutions to complex challenges. We focus on three interconnected pillars to bring this work to life:
Community presence
We invest in communities where our employees work and live, through donations and sponsorships to local community organizations. We also support employee investments in causes that matter to them through the SunCares program.
Funding priorities
We focus our donations within three funding priorities: Indigenous, Community and Energy.
Social innovation capacity
We contribute to the development of the social innovation sector and use social innovation practices to develop our own programs. We define social innovation as any initiative, product, process, program or design that challenges or changes society’s actions and beliefs. Successful social innovations create long-term transformative impact.

Apply for funding

Suncor and the Suncor Energy Foundation proudly contribute to non-profit and charitable organizations in Canada and internationally. If you have an idea that aligns with our funding priorities, apply today! Our three funding priorities are interconnected and successful funding applications are highly aligned with one funding priority and often to two or all three.