Pathways Magazine

Inspiring stories of Indigenous Peoples in the areas we operate.
A moment between a father and son at the Fort McKay Pow Wow

As Canadians, we have a tremendous opportunity to learn and work alongside Indigenous Peoples to strengthen our country. As part of reconciliation, we continue to understand how Indigenous communities and authentic meaningful relationships are foundational to our business.

And our journey continues. In 2021, we assumed operatorship of the Syncrude joint venture project, which has many years of demonstrated engagement with local communities in northeastern Alberta including the publication of Pathways Magazine.

We are proud to be able to carry on the tradition and share the inspiring stories of Indigenous People in the areas we operate.

Pathways Magazine is also a representation of our ongoing commitment to the Journey of Reconciliation. This includes honouring the spirit and intent of the treaties and living side-by-side with mutual respect, reciprocity and responsibility.