In the first appointment of its kind in Canada’s energy industry, Martha Hall Findlay, previously Suncor’s Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), has assumed a new role as Chief Climate Officer. 

“This is exciting,” Martha says. “Creating a separate ‘climate’ role is unchartered territory, particularly in our industry; once again, Suncor is leading the way here.”

The role builds on Martha’s busy past two years as CSO. It will continue to leverage her extensive background in business, policy, and government as well as her far-reaching and strong network and relationships; and importantly, creates the capacity for dedicated senior leadership on climate and energy. With Arlene Strom, Suncor’s Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel, taking over as Chief Sustainability Officer, adding this focused climate role represents a doubling down by Suncor on these critical issues. Martha will continue as a member of the Executive Leadership Team reporting to President and CEO Mark Little.

She will represent the office of the CEO and provide leadership both internally and externally for Suncor on major issues with respect to climate and energy. Martha will serve as a public voice to advance identified issues, help shape organizational positioning, and work to enhance Suncor’s reputation in Canada and globally. She will be part of Suncor’s strategic planning process and bring context and advice to the corporation.

Martha has led Suncor’s Chief Sustainability Office during a time of increasing scrutiny on all aspects of environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, including climate and emissions reductions. She has been actively involved in developing the strategy of the company, which is directly connected to how Suncor will thrive in a low-emissions world. Martha has overseen major improvements in relations with the federal government, worked closely with other key stakeholders, and has, with the CEO, led Suncor’s efforts in developing the unprecedented Oil Sands Pathways to Net Zero by 2050 initiative, key to Suncor’s own achievement of its net zero ambitions.

“In the two years since my arrival at Suncor, we have watched climate become an ever-greater focus for investors, insurers, politicians, other stakeholders—and the public—all around the world. For us at Suncor, we know how complex all aspects of sustainability are, especially those of us working in the thick of it.”

Arlene’s expanded portfolio is reflected in her new title as Chief Sustainability Officer and General Counsel. Arlene brings deep experience to this portfolio. She is very familiar with the CSO team and shares a passion for their work. Arlene previously had responsibility for stakeholder and Indigenous relations, government relations, communications, sustainability, and community investment, including managing of the Suncor Energy Foundation.