Financial reports and guidance

Two male workers, climbing up the red stairs of a holding tank at the Edmonton refinery. They are wearing blue PPE, red hard hats safety glasses and gloves.

Financial reports

2023 reports

Report nameDetail
2023 Annual ReportPDF, 148 pages, 3 MB
Annual Information FormPDF, 64 pages, 5 MB
Management Proxy CircularPDF, 88 pages, 3 MB
2023 fourth quarter resultsPDF, 72 pages, 324 KB
2023 third quarter resultsPDF, 72 pages, 888 KB
2023 second quarter resultsPDF, 72 pages, 2 MB
2023 first quarter resultsPDF, 72 pages, 471 KB
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2023 financial statement data sets*
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Corporate guidance

December 5, 2023

2024 Corporate guidance

(PDF, 3 pages, 102 KB)

Latest investor presentation

February 21, 2024

2023 fourth quarter investor presentation

(PDF, 25 pages, 1 MB)

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