“We believe the trucking industry is the wheels of the economy and drivers are the foundation of that,” says Marc Rago, CFO of Locomote Systems, a transportation company based in Ontario.

Locomote is one of 50,000 members of Petro-Canada’s SuperPassTM program, a fuelling program for businesses celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. When it first launched in 1998, it improved the way our commercial customers managed their business, giving them access to a national network of truck stops that today counts nearly 300 Petro-Pass stations across Canada and many U.S. locations offered through a partner company.

An illustration of a SuperPass card showing a Petro-Canada logo and a gray ribbon marking the 25th anniversary of the program.
Petro-Canada serves more than 50,000 members through its SuperPass Program, keeping Canadian businesses moving.

“With SuperPass, the fuel we get is top notch,” notes Marc in a customer testimonial video for SuperPass. “The locations throughout Canada and in the U.S., the cleanliness of the facilities, the way they take care of our drivers, and fuel discounts on top of that — there’s a lot of benefits to the Petro-Canada network.”

Flash forward 25 years and we still love innovating with Canadian businesses. Today, Petro-Canada’s SuperPass card also gives small and enterprise fleet managers unique tools to help manage the security and efficiency of their fleets, including accessing online reports, driver amenities and 24/7 support through a dedicated account representative.

“Whether they’re making deliveries or looking to streamline their operations, we keep Canadian businesses moving toward what matters — and our SuperPass program is a key part of that,” says Steve Duke, GM of Wholesale Sales & Site Operations.

As part of the program’s 25th anniversary celebration, Petro-Canada is giving away prizes to Canadian businesses and adding partnerships that offer even more benefits to members beyond providing fuel, including exclusive deals for products and services from other brands.

“We want to make our program more valuable to existing members and attract new members,” notes Amanda Mitchell, Director of Energy Marketing for Petro-Canada. “Consumer preferences are changing as more and more goods are shipped between Canada and the United States — they expect more products delivered directly to their businesses or homes. We know competition is strong, so we are taking the opportunity of our anniversary to up our game to support the drivers and fleets like Locomote Systems who make that possible.”

“We’re proud to have been a reliable partner for Canadian businesses to manage their fleets for the last 25 years,” adds Steve. “And we look forward to continuing to innovate and support them for the next 25!”

Suncor is the proud owner of Petro-Canada.