Inclusion networks

As part of our commitment to inclusion and diversity, we have a variety of employee inclusion networks who work together to foster an inclusive culture and drive positive change in our workforce.

Each network is working toward a culture where inclusion and respect for diversity are integral to how we work, where all employees are engaged and differences are celebrated.

The logos for the inclusion networks at Suncor.

Workplace Inclusion Networks

Workplace Inclusion Networks (WIN) focuses on cultivating inclusive work culture valuing diversity and fostering a sense of belonging, enabling everyone to feel safe to be themselves and bring their best every day and in every way.

The networks build awareness through ready-to-share presentations, videos and leadership information packages. They also collaborate with community stakeholders, train employees for better inclusion, and engage with employees to challenge views and unconscious bias.

Two women walking in in a field, holding a basket for the Journeys sage harvest on Nose Hill.
Journeys sage harvest on Nose Hill.


Journeys, formerly the Aboriginal Inclusion Network, is developed by and for our employees wanting to play a part in advancing Indigenous inclusion and creating a safe and supportive workplace culture for Indigenous employees.

The network works to build an impactful network for all members, with a focus on community building, new member orientations, and sharing personal stories.

Journeys has seven regional chapters within Suncor operating areas.

Mosaic members after a mountain biking trip in BC.
Mosaic members after a mountain biking trip in BC.


Mosaic, works to provide a safe and welcoming space for all employees to positively contribute towards advancing inclusion, and support for personal and professional growth for Black employees.

The network has a vision to create a dynamic and integrated network for Suncor's Black community and its advocates that is empowered, informed and strategically positioned to positively influence the success of the organization while showcasing the talents within the community.

Two women smiling for camera wearing Suncor/ Pride t-shirt at the Pride event in the lobby of the Suncor Energy Centre lobby event.
Calgary based employees celebrating at the 2023 Pride event hosted by the workplace inclusion network.


Prism focuses on cultivating an inclusive work culture that values diversity, shares learnings and creates a safe space for people who are part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, or who are allies.

Members of Prism have the opportunity to better understand the benefits of a diverse workforce, as well as access to learning opportunities, discussions, experiences, and peer support.

A group of employees hold up the symbol for #BreakTheBias, the theme for 2022's International Women's Day.
A group of employees hold up the symbol for #BreakTheBias, the theme for 2022's International Women's Day.

Women Engage

The Women Engage Network is acommunity of employees who engage one another, support career development and help create an inclusive workplace for women. Each year, the Women Engage Network brings together our employee community to engage conversations about: how to progress an inclusive workplace environment for women at Suncor; raising awareness of the benefits of gender equality; working on the goal to inspire internal motivation for people to see themselves as a part of the solution and journey to fight bias.


Launched in late May 2022 to coincide with National AccessAbility Week (NAAW), enAble is our newest inclusion network.

The enABLE network empowers persons with disabilities (PWD) workforce and allies at Suncor to learn, connect and take action. Through activities, events, and education they lead the way in spotlighting PWD issues and help shape the future of work at Suncor.

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