Account and password management

With self-service password management you can unlock your Suncor Microsoft account, reset or change your password and update the types of authentication methods you want to use, all on your own. This page provides quick links and reference guides to support you.

Get started

Before you begin, check out the reference guides below for information on registering for Microsoft MFA, installing the app and more. Bookmark this page so you can easily return to it and use the guides as needed.

To register for Microsoft Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), your account must first have a functioning password. If you need to reset your password, are unable to authenticate your account, or need help, please contact the Service Desk (SD) for support at 1-866-276-7800.

Reference Guides

Multi-factor Authentication

Register for Microsoft MFA and self-service password management

Step by step guide through the registration process using your PC and phone (PDF, 4 pages, 625 KB)

Install and set up the Microsoft Authenticator app

This guide is for users that have MFA but want to switch to the MS Authenticator app on their phone (PDF, 5 pages, 697 KB)

Update your authentication methods

Use this guide if you want to add/change/delete a method, such as adding a new phone, removing an old one or changing form 'text me' to 'call me' (PDF, 3 pages, 488 KB)

Reset a forgotten password

This guide shows you how easy it is to reset your password (PDF, 3 pages, 614 KB)

Change your password

Is it time to change your password? Follow the six easy steps in this guide (PDF, 2 pages, 579 KB)

Unlock your account

Too many password tries? Follow this guide to get back into your account (PDF, 2 pages, 227 KB)

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