MyCority Privacy Terms

Suncor has implemented this secure portal (myCority) in order to support several Health & Wellness (H&W) services for our workers. These services include:

  • Conducting COVID-19 related fitness for duty assessments;
  • Supporting contact tracing protocols in relation to COVID-19;
  • Other services may be added in the future, in which case this notice will be updated.

This portal collects personal information directly from you, for review by the Suncor H&W team. The type of information collected varies by program but will always include your name and contact information for follow-up. Access to the information you submit through this portal is generally limited to H&W personnel unless otherwise noted in program terms that will be provided to you where applicable (see below for COVID-19 inquiries). All information is securely retained using appropriate security measures and is subject to Suncor’s data management standards.

The use of this portal will contribute to the timely and efficient delivery of services to you and ensures the accuracy of the information since you provide relevant information yourself.  If you decline to use this portal, H&W will not be able to assist you here.  However, we still want to hear from you and would like to assist you; please email us at askhealth& with your health-related questions or concerns and we will follow-up with you.  If you have questions about Suncor’s privacy policies and practices, please contact

If you are reporting a COVID-19 health concern:

This secure portal will allow you to submit certain COVID-19 related personal information directly to Suncor Health and Wellness personnel.  This information includes your identity (name, employee number, current location and contact information, etc.), and your responses to COVID-19 related questions concerning potential symptoms, travel history, high-risk personal factors, and/or recent exposure to a confirmed COVID-19 case. 

The information you provide will be promptly reviewed by Suncor Health and Wellness personnel who will follow-up with you directly regarding any next steps you should take and your fitness for duty status.  You may be directed to not report to work and to self-isolate depending on circumstances, in which case your leader will be notified of your status.  Symptoms or close contacts identified through this portal do not necessarily confirm or diagnose exposure to COVID-19, but rather indicate that additional screening may be required.

Suncor H&W also collects contact tracing information through this portal.  You may be asked to provide information about close contacts with other Suncor Workers (including employees and contractors who work at Suncor sites).  Close contacts may occur on Suncor worksites, or can occur off-site and on personal time.

Relevant information may be shared with limited Suncor personnel who are responsible for implementing Suncor’s COVID-19 protocols.  These protocols include: 

  • Identifying and supporting affected workers;
  • Implementing enhanced physical distancing protocols;
  • Initiating contact tracing protocols, including in support of local health authority requirements;
  • Conducting timely and targeted workplace and work asset cleaning and sterilization; and
  • Conducting any required workplace investigations.

This information may also be shared with regional health authorities if required (e.g. Alberta Health Services).  In rare cases, this information may be disclosed if permitted or required by law, including in legal or administrative proceedings.

By using this portal and submitting your personal information, you authorize and consent to these practices involving your personal information.

Reporting Your COVID-19 Vaccination Status

Suncor requires that workers report their COVID-19 vaccination status through this secure portal.  The information you may be asked to provide includes:

  • your name / badge number, 
  • the date(s) of your COVID-19 vaccination(s), and
  • any additional COVID-19 vaccination recommendations or requirements (including whether additional doses are required to complete your series, booster doses, or doses required for travel etc). 

The personally-identifiable information that you provide will only be shared with Suncor personnel on a need-to-know basis, which includes designated and limited Suncor Health & Wellness personnel.

Individual responses will be combined to form aggregate / non-identifiable information, which may be used for the following purposes:

  • To help evaluate the suitability of our COVID-19 workplace protocols, which includes the potential for eventual relaxing / rescinding of these protocols based on evolving risks; 
  • To assess and understand the risks posed by COVID-19 to our workers and communities, including assessing whether all or part(s) of our workforce has reached “herd immunity”
  • To assess and understand the risks posed by COVID-19 to various Suncor worksites, business lines, and critical functions or areas, in order to inform general workforce planning and resource management;
  • To guide COVID-19 related workforce education and communication programs, primarily in order to inform workers of vaccination alternatives and to encourage participation; and
  • To comply with, and as required by, applicable laws and regulations.

Your individual responses will also be used by Suncor Health & Wellness to determine your eligibility for exemption from COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Screening requirements and may be used for other COVID-19 response purposes as circumstances evolve.

The use of your personal information and these privacy terms may periodically change due to evolving COVID-19 impacts on our workforce and our communities.  Suncor will notify personnel of significant changes through the Core or other communications; you may also check back periodically for potential updates.

By using this portal and submitting your personal information, you authorize and consent to these practices involving your personal information.  If you have previously submitted your vaccine information to Suncor Health & Wellness that you wish to update or amend, please complete a new questionnaire or contact askhealth&

Ergonomic Assessments

In order to provide ergonomic assessments and support to our workers, Suncor will collect certain personal information from you.  This information includes your identity (name, employee number and contact information, etc.), and your responses to ergonomic related questions.  These are intended to identify potential ergonomic issues including the potential severity of any identified concerns.

You authorize and consent to this use of your personal information by completing an ergonomic assessment and by providing your responses in the questionnaire (s). If you have any questions about Suncor’s ergonomic assessment program, please contact

If you have questions about Suncor’s privacy policies and practices, please contact