Petroleum coke

Suncor produces high sulphur fuel grade petroleum coke at its oil sands operations in Fort McMurray and its refinery near Edmonton, Alta, Canada.

Typical Suncor petroleum coke characteristics

Total Moisture10 to 13%
Ash (dry basis)0.15 to 4.5%
Volatile Matter (dry basis)8.0 to 13.5%
Sulphur (dry basis)5.7 to 6.8%
HGI (dry basis)140 to 66
Btu/lb (dry basis)214,500 to 15,500

1Hargrove Grindability Index (HGI)
2British thermal units per pound (Btu/lb)

Buying Suncor petroleum coke

Suncor markets its petroleum coke under Suncor Energy Marketing Inc., which is 100% guaranteed by Suncor Energy Inc.

Petroleum coke sales are typically structured as short-term fixed price contracts or spot-fixed price (cargo-by-cargo or month-by-month) contracts.

Access to North American markets

Suncor accesses North American petroleum coke markets via Canadian National Railway’s and Canadian Pacific’s rail networks. These rail lines connect with the BNSF, UP, NS, CSXT and KCS rail networks throughout North America.

Access to global markets

Suncor has worldwide access to petroleum coke markets via Trigon Pacific Terminals Limited, a Crown Corporation located in Prince Rupert, B.C., Canada. 

The terminal can berth vessels up to approximately 150 metres in length and can handle moored vessels up to 370 metres long. For further details, visit Trigon.

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