Sulphur is produced as a by-product at Suncor Energy’s oil sands facilities, natural gas plants and various facilities, including:

  • Oil sands (Fort McMurray, Alta.)
  • Natural gas processing plants (Alberta and British Columbia)
  • Edmonton refinery (Edmonton, Alta.)
  • Montreal sulphur plant (Montreal, Que.)
  • Sarnia refinery (Sarnia, Ont.)
  • Commerce City refinery (Commerce City, Colo.)

Suncor markets its sulphur under Suncor Energy Marketing Inc., which is 100% guaranteed by Suncor Energy Inc.

We market and transport product to customers as molten and formed or prilled sulphur.

Typical Sulphur Specifications

Sulphur Purity99.5% min.
Carbon0.025% max.
Ash0.05% max.
Arsenic (as As)1 ppm* max.
Selenium (as Se)1 ppm max.
Tellurium (as Te)1 ppm max.
Mercury (as Hg)100 ppb* max.

* Parts per million (ppm); parts per billion (ppb)

Markets we serve

Suncor’s annual marketable sulphur production from all locations is in excess of 800,000 metric tonnes (MT) annually.

We currently provide molten sulphur to agricultural based fertilizer producers, industrial end-use markets and chemical manufacturers throughout North America.

Suncor also delivers formed sulphur to the Port of Vancouver, B.C., Canada. From there, third parties market our formed sulphur to overseas markets such as China, South Africa and Australia.

Buying Suncor sulphur

Suncor sells sulphur on an indexed or fixed price basis. Deals can be structured with terms varying from long-term annual commitments to short-term quarterly and month-to-month spot-based deals.

We boast a diversified logistics chain that ensures the reliable delivery of Suncor sulphur to North American customers and markets around the world.

Our logistics chain includes:

  • Truck transportation
  • Trans-loading
  • Prilling
  • Rail transportation
  • Marine terminalling

How to contact us

Call our Supply & Trading team