Co-op and summer students

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Suncor student jobs are more than just a work term. They provide you with meaningful and challenging work experiences to help enable you to determine where you want your career to go – better yet, many of our students go on to become permanent employees after they graduate.

You will work side-by-side with some of the most talented people in the energy industry and your work assignments and mentoring will offer you extraordinary academic and career growth.

We hire a variety of disciplines from business, engineering, computer science/data analytics and environmental sciences.


  • To be eligible for our co-op student programs, you must be enrolled in a college, university or graduate co-op program.
  • To be eligible for our summer student program, you must be returning to post-secondary education in the fall following your work term.

Term length

We typically offer work terms of four, eight, 12 and 16 months in length depending on your availability and academic schedule.

Posting dates

Our co-op student opportunities are posted four months in advance:

  • December/January for a May start date
  • April/May for a September start date
  • August/September for a January start date.

Relocation support

Once you accept an offer, we will work with you to help make the transition. If you need to move to your work location, we’ll make it easy by assisting with travel and relocation expenses. We’ll also connect you with other students who are already working with us.

Compensation and benefits

Student positions are paid positions. Suncor students receive competitive pay and may be eligible for some flexible days off.