Performance and disclosure

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We have reported on our GHG emissions for decades, and began reporting scope 3 emissions from the “use of sold products” in 2021.

Direct, or scope 1, emissions result from our operations; indirect, or scope 2, emissions result from the use of purchased energy such as heat and electricity, and scope 3 emissions occur elsewhere in our value chain.

Scope 1 and 2 emissions

In 2022:

  • our equity interest scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions were 28.8 megatonnes (Mt) and our operated emissions were 34.96 Mt.
  • equity-based GHG intensity was 0.26 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per cubic metre (tCO2e/m3) of liquid hydrocarbon product.

Scope 3 emissions

Suncor has reported on its direct and indirect emissions for over a decade and began reporting aspects of its scope 3 emissions in 2021. We are:

  • seeking to further understand all 15 scope 3 emissions categories and where we can have the most impact
  • continuing our analysis of GHG emissions across our value chain
  • working with suppliers to help reduce their emissions and supporting customers looking for cleaner energy choices
  • encouraging and supporting system-wide carbon reductions
  • providing additional scope 3 disclosure to demonstrate our journey to more widespread decarbonization.

Disclosure information

We are continuously evaluating disclosure opportunities with a view to providing transparent information on our climate strategy and performance.

2023 Climate Report

(PDF, 52 pages, 4 MB)

CDP Climate Response

(PDF, 78 pages, 2 MB)

2023 ESG Disclosure Index

(PDF, 25 pages, 391 KB)