Transforming the future of energy.

Climate change is a complex challenge that requires all of us to transform our relationship with energy. Our collective future will be shaped by how we respond to a number of environmental challenges. We must work together to help meet the world’s climate goals while doing our part to ensure global energy security and supply of energy.
Graphic representing Suncor’s clean energy initiatives.
Our objectives

Achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 (scope 1 and 2) and a 10 megatonne reduction in emissions across our value chain by 2030

Getting to net-zero starts by reducing the emissions footprint of our base business. We’re also expanding low-emissions businesses and working with customers, governments and partners to realize our shared climate objectives.
Arlene Strom and Peter Terzakian speaking during a panel discussion at the FORGE 2020 Supply Chain sustainability conference held at Grey Eagle Resort and Casino in Calgary.
Two female workers - Chelsea Wang and Meagan Bradford -are looking at a Surface Pro tablet Meagan is holding. Both are wearing blue hard hats. safety glasses and coveralls. Base Plant is blurred out in the background.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Pathways Alliance

As proud Canadian companies, members of the Pathways Alliance share the aspiration of Canadians to find realistic and workable solutions to the challenge of climate change. We want to help our country meet its Paris Agreement commitments, including its net-zero by 2050 aspirations.