Suncor’s name and visual identity are symbols of how much we have achieved in the past and where we are going in the future. Our logo represents our brand and acts as a signature to all our communication.

Please review our brand and visual identity guidelines prior to using any of our corporate logos. The guidelines will help you implement our brand and visual identity correctly.

Brand and visual identity guidelines

(36 pages, 40 MB)

Suncor reserves the right to review and approve all logo use. To have your materials approved for use, please send them to creativeservices@suncor.com.

Suncor brand

  • Always use our visual guidelines when you develop materials that express the Suncor brand.
  • Our guidelines provide direction on correct logo use, preferred writing style and tone, reference to Indigenous communities, colour palette and typeface.

Logo files

  • Our logo is a fixed element of our identity consisting of two graphic features – the logotype and the energy arc – which always appear together and must never be altered.
  • Always use electronic files provided by Suncor to reproduce our corporate logos.
  • Enlarge or reduce the full logo proportionately.
  • Follow our minimum reproduction sizes for print and digital logos to ensure clarity and readability.
  • Ensure the Suncor logo is clearly presented by maintaining a clear space around it equal to the height of the ‘S’ in ‘Suncor.’
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Logo files with trademark symbol

  • The trademark symbol and notice communicate the Suncor logo is a registered trademark of Suncor Energy Inc.
  • There are materials on which it is important that the trademark symbol and notice appear.
  • Always use electronic files provided by Suncor to reproduce our corporate logos with the trademark symbol and use the proper trademark notice.
  • Contact creativeservices@suncor.com if you require these files and have questions about use of the trademark symbol and notice.

Logo colours

  • Wherever possible, use the full-colour logo on a white background.
  • When that’s not an option, a single colour – Suncor blue or black – is acceptable.
  • Our logo can also be reproduced as a white logo with a four- colour process energy arc, or a white energy arc.

Suncor typefaces

  • Noto Sans is the primary Suncor typeface, with a clean, modern and friendly look designed with accessibility and inclusion in mind.
  • Our guidelines outline how to use Noto Sans for:
    • headings
    • subheadings
    • body copy
    • captions
    • sidebar text
    • charts
    • display type

Arial can be used when Noto Sans isn’t available.