Suncor Energy Rocky Mountain Pipeline Project (Colorado)

Supply line construction

Rocky Mountain Project Description

Today in the U.S., more than two-thirds of all energy products are moved via pipeline – due to improved safety, efficiency and reliability – versus other means of transportation. Pipelines are also an important means of transporting energy products for Suncor’s business.

Suncor Energy (U.S.A.) Pipeline Company, an indirect subsidiary of Suncor Energy Inc., operates crude oil pipeline transmission systems from a storage facility in Guernsey, WY to Suncor Energy (U.S.A.) Inc.’s refinery in Commerce City, CO. This refinery produces gasoline, diesel, jet fuel (used at Denver International Airport and other regional airports), asphalt for Colorado’s roads and highways, and other petroleum products for the region.

Refining locally keeps the cost of fuel lower in Colorado. Completion of the new crude oil pipeline as part of the Rocky Mountain Pipeline Project will ensure a reliable and consistent source of crude supply. 

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