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Montreal sulphur plant public notifications are available through the Association industrielle de l’est de Montréal.

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The Montreal sulphur plant provides our operations in Montreal with sulphur removal and recovery services. This process enables us to meet regulatory requirements and achieve product specifications.

The plant began operations in 1958 and was acquired by Suncor from the former Chemtrade Montreal Partnership Limited in 2014.

It produces 30-80 tonnes per day of elemental sulphur, 50-80 tonnes per day of sodium bisulphite and has a maximum production capacity of 235 tonnes per day.

The finished products are transported by rail and truck for use in various industries.

Public notifications from the Montreal sulphur plant

It’s important for us to share information about the operations and activities of our Montreal sulphur plant with our neighbours.

Our public notifications are part of the ongoing dialogue with our neighbours. It allows us to share information about our activities that could affect our neighbouring citizens or in the East Montreal community.

Our Montreal sulphur plant notifications are available through the Association industrielle de l’est de Montréal.

Emergency preparedness

Our plant is built to operate safely and reliably around the clock, 365 days of the year, using the highest industry standards of engineering design. To help ensure you have the information you need to feel prepared in the event of an emergency, please review our emergency preparedness documents.

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